Related Services

Yarn for All Seasons offers more than just yarn, we also love watching people learn and develop new skills while nurturing a love for knitting, crocheting, and other types of yarn work. With the resurgence of interest in knitting and yarn work, we are proud to offer our products and services. We believe that crafting with yarn offers a rhythmic, Zen-like experience that does wonders for the health of our customers. On top of our quality products and well-organized classes and knitting sessions, we also offer the following services.

Custom Knitting

 If you have an idea for a garment, blanket, or any other woven piece, but do not have the time or skill to complete it, our custom knitting service provides the perfect alternative. Our team of professional knitters can help you realize your vision using the finest materials available and with the kind of professional skill and artistic creativity that many people can only dream of. You can send us your design and we will provide a reasonable quote, depending on the type of yarn, garment or fabric style, and size that you want.

Knitting Repairs and Alterations

 Our skilled and creative team of professional crafters understand the difficulties of altering and repairing knitted fabrics. If you have a knitted fabric or garment – whether it is handmade, store-brought, or a family heirloom – that is very important to you, seeing it getting damaged can be very frustrating. Our team can help renew and alter your piece to ensure that it is able to better withstand the hazards that natural fibers are subjected to.

We can help get rid of the damage caused by moths or replace stitches that have been undone because of snags and natural wear and tear. We are able mend damaged bindings and repair seams that have been worn out over time. If you wish to shorten the sleeves of your garment or obtain a lower neckline, or improve the comfort that your garment provides, we are able to assist you in these aspects as well. Send us your freshly cleaned fabric and we will estimate the cost and time required to implement a repair or alteration.