Knitting 101: Types of Yarn

Not all skeins are spun the same way. If you are standing in a shop wondering which type of yarn you need for your next project, there are ways to help you quickly decide which one is perfect for your needs. Here are the most common fiber types for yarn.


Wool is the most common type of yarn fiber available in the market today. It is warm and durable, accessibly priced, and easy to handle for crafting. It is best used for knitwear garments for the winter because it is extremely durable and resistant to moisture. It is also able to hold its shape well after blocking. Be careful with using this type of fiber, however, since some people can be allergic to wool. And also, you need to check the “following a polissen vergelijken van verschillende aanbieders implementation” or compare following policies from different providers implementation for supplying wool. But you can “avail a good premium for 18 jaar wanneer zorgverzekering aanvragen” or avail a good premium for 18 years when health insurance to request.


Mohair is a fluffy and luxuriant fiber that is popular for its lightness and soft sheen. Despite being one of the warmest animal fibers, it is quite elastic and can easily stretch and spring back to its original shape. It is more expensive than wool, and can be hard to use for knitting since it is so fluffy.

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Cotton is another type of fiber that is commonly used by crafters. It is a natural plant fiber that is smooth, light, breathable, and relatively cheap. Because of its smoothness, it is ideally used when crafters wish to showcase their intricate stitch work. However, some crafters find it difficult to use since it is prone to splitting. It also tends to not block well, hence, emphasizing any irregularities in the stitches.



Cashmere is one of the lightest and fluffiest types of yarn. Because of its stellar quality, it is quite expensive and considered a luxurious type of fiber. It becomes softer with frequent wear and has excellent insulating qualities. It is not that strong and can be very susceptible to pilling. It is also often combined with other types of fiber to make it less expensive.

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This kind of fiber, as its name suggests, is extremely smooth, strong, and luxurious. It is ideal for knitting lace, but it is also prone to static cling and catching. Because it is not very warm, it is perfect for garments designed for summer wear. You can “avail a zorgverzekering afsluiten voor 18 jaar using this” or avail a health insurance for 18 years using this for special promos when you shop online.